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Our transition program providing a pipeline of resources to help PROUD graduates ages 16-21 transition at their full potential as productive members of our community.

Weekly workshops are scheduled with the flexibility to meet the needs of PROUD graduates seeking other positive activities as they transition to full adulthood.



Training & Services Offered:
  • business etiquette training

  • GED/High School Equivalency prep

  • substance abuse counseling

  • SAT study prep

  • ASVAB military entrance exam prep

  • vocational skills training

  • college enrollment assistance

  • mental health assessments

  • community service opportunities

  • assessment for academic level/tutoring


Services are provided outside of PROUD offices and include field-trip activities designed to give real-world opportunities to pursue their dreams.

Ready for the world.


When ready, youth are paired with mentors and other resources outside of PROUD, youth are giving the tools to pursue education, employment and a healthy life.
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